Ancaster Mill

An Ancaster Mill wedding is all about serene ambiance, scenic views and one of the finest cuisines in the country. Located far from the city’s hustle and bustle, this quiet wedding venue is ideal for couples looking for an intimate and romantic wedding celebration.

This Italian couple tied the knot in the picturesque chapel on top of the hill. The chapel featured a fireplace that served as the ceremony altar. While the room’s elegant lighting fixtures made for a perfect wedding ceremony ambiance. As for the creative photos, I let nature speak for itself. I mean this venue has a waterfall. You may not be able to jump in but you can still get pretty close without ruining your wedding dress. We took pictures in the afternoon to catch the golden light and enjoy the Ancaster Mill’s scenic surroundings.

Kid Friendly

This wedding was a last minute wedding video booking. As such, I didn’t actually meet the couple until the day of. We chatted over the phone a few times to get the wedding details sorted. But in reality, we never actually saw each other. Luckily spotting the bride on her wedding day is not easy. Spotting the groom, in this case, was a bit harder since his best man was also his identical twin.

From the moment I met Rachel and Tyler, I knew that their Ancaster Mill wedding was going to be as sweet as they were. They just had a baby girl a month earlier. So of course the baby was going to serve as the day’s flower girl.

Normally flower girls and ring boys only appear for the ceremony entrance and a few bridal party portraits. However when they’re a direct offspring of the bride and groom, I make a point to make them front and center. As a newborn, the baby was only around for a few minutes at a time. But she looked adorable the whole time. I know people generally cry at weddings, but she held it together really well.