Backyard Wedding

I love backyard weddings. This rustic country backyard wedding has everything a cowgirl-at-heart could ever dream of for their wedding day. As if that wasn’t enough, they are high school sweethearts. You can feel their youthful excitement as they enter this next stage and step forward together into adulthood. Their relationship is so much more than that though. As an outsider taking a little peek in, even I can see that. The love and devotion these two have for one another are evident for all to see.

Erin & Shawn had their backyard wedding ceremony on a late summer’s day. They had it in the groom’s family farm where they grew up. The couple’s passion for country music played a big part in the evening festivities. It was also the inspiration behind the music of this wedding video. Hence, this was a destined country wedding from the start. Even their dog had a fresh litter of puppies only a few days earlier.

Country Rustic

The morning of the wedding, the groom was busying away setting up all the little details of their civil ceremony. We had to literally pull him away to get him dressed. He was determined to throw everything on in ten minutes, but we wanted to make sure his mom and brother had a hand in it.

I think that right there tells you what you need to know about how hard-working and devoted he was. These two have journeyed together through life’s ups and downs. During their personal vows, you could tell how down to earth they were. This wasn’t a soul mate, true love, fairytale kind of relationship. It’s a relationship built on love, trust and hard work. Those are the relationships that make it as a couple grows old together. And while the groom may not have enjoyed the hoity-toity elements of a wedding, you could tell he’d do anything for this girl.


The backyard ceremony runthrough was short and simple. The groom and his groomsmen were very eager to finish formal portraits so could hit the open bar. Since they spent the entire morning setting everything up, I was happy to oblige. They deserved it. The personal touches throughout this country wedding were amazing. Little details were present throughout their entire reception setup. The light-up centrepieces, the rustic decor, and thousands of little twinkling lights.

It was a simple fun get together with their loved ones that just happened to include a wedding. So pulling the couple away for even ten minutes to get some footage of just them as the sun set was a challenge. But in the end, the idea is to make the couple happy. The wedding photos and videos are secondary.