Bengali Muslim Wedding

With so many couples rescheduling their wedding to next year, I was surprised a few new ones popped up to take their place. This wedding was originally referred to me by a colleague. He was supposed to coordinate the photography while I would take care of the wedding video. However, a last minute family emergency caused my colleague to drop out of the event. And with my regular videographer out of commission due to Covid, this was my first time arranging both photo and full video in-house.  The wedding was a Bengali Muslim Wedding at Simply Delicious Restaurant.

I have photographed a Bengali Muslim Wedding before. However, it was always a small pre wedding ceremony, instead of the main event. So as always, I did my research to figure out the unique elements. It actually is an interesting fusion of multiple Southasian customs. It has the garland exchange of Hindu ceremonies, the ring exchange of a Sikh ceremony, and the Vidai of a Muslim ceremony.

Day 1 Mehndi

This event is pretty self explanatory. It’s when the bride gets her traditional mehndi. It’s applied in artistic detail to her hands and feet. This process can take a few hours for the bride. So while she is getting her mehndi done, many of the attending female guests will do the same. However in this case, the bride was not particular on being the centre of attention. So she opted to do her mehndi in advance. That was she could spend the event celebrating with her family.

Day 2 Wedding

The wedding ceremony was kept very simple. Same idea, the bride did not enjoy being everyone’s focus. Obviously hard to do when you’re a bride all dressed up on her wedding day. But at least they were able to keep the ceremony short and sweet. They exchanged rings, floral garlands, and food. There was a huge selection of gifts provided by the family. And most of the event involved photos and mingling with guests.

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