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In a way, I suppose you could call me a prodigy. I got my start in photography through my uncle’s photo studio when I was a kid. He taught me how to use an SLR when I was 7. And honestly, I never looked back. During my university days, I worked as a second shooter for a variety of wedding studios to pay my way through school. Even now, I make a point of freelancing with other studios to constantly keep up to date with new technology and expand my list of services.

Photography was something I just always knew. So instead, I majored in graphic design/marketing at the Ontario College of Art and Design. It’s why my style is pretty different than that of the competition. I don’t have excessive training in formal posing. I won’t be tweaking your head to get the perfect angle. Instead, I will capture those natural moments without having to do a retake. So you’ll get fast and efficient photography that can keep up with the pace of your wedding day. Moreover, you get to see the final results in 2-3 weeks.

I take on about 50 weddings a year. That’s not including engagement shootsboudoir, maternity, families, and corporate events. My portable studio also accommodates newbornsheadshots, and product photography. Additionally, my work in weddings and fashion have been published in international magazines and across Canada. So you don’t need to skimp on quality and experience when working within a budget. In fact, I offer very competitive rates and am proud to share them upfront. So, send me a shout and we can coordinate a package that works for you.

When memories fade and it all feels like a dream, these photos will help you relive your special day over and over.

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If you’re looking for images that show who YOU are, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve found many photographers have a particular look when it comes to their photos. When you look through their photography portfolio, it’s like they ran a filter through all their images making everything the same color palette. Everyone has the same skintone, same body type, same aesthetic… They refer to this as their “brand.” I don’t really have a brand in that sense. Rather, I believe the photos should reflect the client. This is why when you scroll through my Instagram, each wedding looks very different… because they are different.

See before I started my own business, I spent 5 years of my life capturing destination weddings around the world with the cruising industry. I worked 2 world cruises and photographed in 115 countries. My favorite part of the job was learning about all the different cultures and traditions. How different and sometimes even how similar those traditions can be. So when I returned home, I came with a real appreciation for the hotpot culture we have here in the GTA. And as such, I make a point of customizing my approach for each client based on their particular wedding.

The fact is, a “light and airy” editing style doesn’t work with the colors of most Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh weddings. A standard 8hr wedding structure won’t work with Chinese tea ceremonies. Plus, its not like you can just wing it when it comes to Eastern Orthodox Ceremonies. Their traditions are quite unique and their ceremonies are rarely in English. So instead of neutralizing all these cultural elements to create a cohesive portfolio, my “brand” makes a point of enhancing each one individually. Your wedding is going to be unique, and your photos should reflect that.

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Bright spot in the time of COVID-19

Due to a COVID lockdown 2 weeks before our wedding date, we had 4 guests at our wedding and her pictures were not only stunning, but able to perfectly capture each moment for us to be able to share with family and friends who could not be there. Everything about her – her great personality/attitude, fantastic photography, creative eye, flexibility etc – made us so happy she was able to capture our special day.

Liana – December 8th, 2020


Shivani is so flexible and understanding! She was able to support us in doing a full wedding right after we entered stage 3 in this Pandemic. I originally booked her from Canada’s Bridal Show and she is very Friendly! Her Prices and Packages are very reasonable and she is calm and professional during photo shoots! I cannot wait to see our finished photos! 

Miriam – August 8th, 2020

Beautiful Photos

We heard about Shivani through a friend and we’re so glad they told us about her! She was very easy to work with and produced some amazing work from our wedding. She also has a great eye for interesting photos, we didn’t go into the wedding knowing exactly what we wanted out of our photos beyond the standard family and wedding party shots. But Shivani was able to get some really unique and wonderful pictures of just us. She did an excellent job capturing our day!

Lindsey – February 29th, 2020

Highly Recommend!

 Shivani and her partner Josie were great! They were efficient (Shivani knew exactly where she wanted to go for all of our shots), professional, and lots of fun! They were also super proficient with helping out with extra things (like pinning boutonnières and bustles!), which shows how much experience they have at weddings! The photo booth was a great addition, and our guests loved it.

Holly – November 17th, 2018

Incredible photographer and amazing human being!

Shivani and her second shooter Michelle were such a great addition to our wedding. As soon as Shivani walked in, she brought forward great energy, professionalism, positive vibes, and was just so light-hearted and fun! She just clicked with all of us, but was also straight to the point and made sure we stayed on schedule. Everything flowed smoothly with Shivani, and let me tell you, dealing with our two crazy families is not an easy thing to do! And Shivani handled it effortlessly. Many people in my family noticed and loved her style, and have expressed wanting to use her service for future events.

Shivani, keep doing what you’re doing, because it is so great and you make a lot of people happy! Especially with something as delicate as precious wedding day moments and memories. You captured everything and you blew us away with the outcome of the photos. Thanks again and we hope to see you soon! 

Anna – September 01, 2018


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