Chateau Le Jardin

The venue Chateau Le Jardin is reminiscent of a French mansion. It has thirty foot high ceilings and beautiful lighting. Chateau Le Jardin in Vaughan provides several room options to host a classic-style wedding ceremony and reception. This family-operated venue focuses on great client care, and their food has always been delicious.

Ashti and Richard’s wedding style was traditional with a touch of glam. They chose blue and pink for their colour scheme which was classic yet modern. And customary to most South Asian weddings, their focal point was an over the top head table. Their first dance as a married couple paired with dry ice for drama surrounded by loved ones.

Both of the bride’s dresses for this multi-day wedding were so stunning and unique. She wore a pretty slim fitting dress to fit her tall frame but added a bit of colour and flair to her bridal look. It was literally amazing because it had a long pretty train and it was so easy to take off at the end of the night for dancing.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayam Mandir

This was my first time filming at BAPS Shri Swaminarayam Mandir though I have seen in for years off the highway. Normally my Hindu wedding ceremonies happen at neutral venues where a decor team installs the full setup. This Mandir, however, has a permanent mandap setup that is absolutely stunning. I completely understand why the couple went so far out of their way to marry here.

Second Shooting Video

I only started introducing wedding video to my list of services last year. Most of what I know came from working with the cruise ship industry filming travel tours and small weddings I’ve done myself. However, when I first started as a photographer, I worked a lot as a second shooter. So it made only sense that I learn video in a similar manner. Theron Henry of Powerpack Images is my go to videographer when it comes to weddings. My photo/video package involves him as my counterpart. As such we have worked together before. However this time, I was his second shooter covering groom prep and extra perspective angles throughout all the events. The videos posted are my personal edits of the footage I captured for social media purposes.