Conestoga Place

Conestoga Place is a great wedding venue if you’re looking for affordable elegance in homestyle dining. While most halls labeling themselves as the biggest and best, take a more family approach. They definitely take the pressure off and offer a more relaxed setting for a wedding reception. They take care of arranging your decor, and personalized details so you can concentrate on your actual day.

It was the perfect venue for this couple. They didn’t want the over-the-top grand wedding experience. But rather, they wanted the day to reflect them. It may not always be easy planning a fusion wedding when the families want to help. However, it is nice when the venue has your back.


If I could use just one word to describe this day, it would be joyful. Their love story started from a slow progression of friendship, and I love how that transcended into their wedding day. It had a smooth and stress-free timeline. There was no moment of rush or pressure. There was no element of production. Rather it was just pure celebration.

This couple didn’t even meet me before their wedding day. I was hired to capture their wedding video only a couple months before the big. And since their wedding was in Kitchener, most of our correspondents were done over the phone. So the first time I saw the bride was when she stepped out of the limo ready to walk down the aisle with her father. She was an elegant fluffy cupcake in her princess ballgown with the biggest smile on her face.

They had a traditional Christian wedding ceremony at Calvin Presbyterian Church. It was an incredibly hot day. So they had fans running during the entire ceremony. The ambient noise was a bit loud but you could still hear their beautiful wedding vows perfectly.

Afterward, the couple headed off to the Rockway Gardens for their bridal party photos. It was a quaint park with lots of green foliage and small ponds. The bridal party seemed to really enjoy this experience. Since the wedding was officially complete, this served as their own private celebration. We stayed there right up until the rain came in.