Glen House Resort

The Glen House Resort is a quiet venue just off the St Lawrence River. Envision an outdoor wedding ceremony under the riverside arbor. A beautiful day with a breeze off the river and the sun illuminating the bride as she walks down the aisle. Private overnight rooms for all your guests so they can drink the night away. However, for this couple, it’s pet friendly policy that allowed their two rescue chihuahuas to take part in the wedding day.

Waterfront Wedding Ceremony

Glen House Resort provided an intimate and picturesque setting along its waterfront property for this civil ceremony. Perfect for family and friends to witness the couple’s vows proclaiming eternal devotion. For Marilyn and Jason, these vows were billingual in French/English. They are also the highlight of their wedding video.

See once upon a time, this Quebecian girl and Ontarian boy lived very far apart. Yet their passion for cycling caused their paths to cross when they biked from Montreal to Toronto along the St Lawrence River. So when it cake to their wedding, they chose a location at the halfway point of both cities. They recited their vows in both languages.  And they coordinated their wedding in a way that married both worlds.

Tour de Wedding

The bicycle theme appears throughout the wedding festivities. They had photos from their bike travels as their centrepieces. It was a topic of conversation in all their speeches.

The couple even provided bicycle bells as party favours for all the guests. These also played a role in the reception’s kissing game. In order to have the couple kiss, the guests had to ring their bell. However with these bells were very entertaining and addicting. Which literally left the couple kissing all night. This is a good problem to have on your wedding day.