Merima & Armin Wedding

by | Jun 20, 2020 | Covid Friendly, Muslim Wedding, Wedding Photos

COVID-19 Wedding

With so many couples rescheduling their wedding to next year, I was surprised a few new ones popped up to take their place. This wedding was originally expected to happen in 2021, However, with so many venues offering discounts in a desperate attempt to stay open, they decided to bump it up. Coronavirus seems to be the thing that is dominating all the conversations lately and rightfully so. It is impacting our lives in almost every way possible. As a wedding photographer, I am seeing a massive impact on the wedding industry and how it is impacting couples getting married.

This particular couple found me a couple weeks before the big day when they realized it was possible for the event to even happen. They had a conservative Muslim wedding with the men and women in separate rooms. Essentially allowing them to double their restricted guest count. Absolutely genius.

La Primavera

This venue was one of the few that were still open in the area. The couple happened to have a close family member who as super talented in wedding decor and planning. So this simple space was completely decked out for the event. Despite being a Covid restricted event, it felt like a proper wedding.

The Nikkah ceremony was split between the two rooms. The Imam split the ceremony into two parts. Half was done through the dividing wall for the bride. And the other half was for the men. Due to wedding gathering restrictions, this wedding was already pretty tight on guest count. So I was covering photo and video for both sides. The video however is being kept private as many of the women had their hair showing. Once the ceremony concluded, the couple exchanged rings, gifts, and took part in family photos. At this time during the pandemic, dancing was still allowed as long as masks were worn on the dance floor. Which worked out really well as the dancing plays a huge part with the Muslim culture.

Once the major events were completed, the couple disappeared for some photos of just them. They were definitely shy about this process. So, instead of taking photos around the hall, I setup a mini portrait studio in the bridal suite. This allowed the bride to get some more formal portraits of all the beautiful gowns she got to wear throughout the evening.