Printing mockup


Once you’ve had a chance to review your wedding photos and/or videos, printing services are available on an a la carte basis. Please note the waiting times for these services vary based on complexity. In your inquiry, please include which items you are interested in and the quantity. From there I can provide a quote and predicted delivery time. Discounts are available for bulk purchases. Payments are to be made in full upfront. Pick-up in Scarborough.

Services Printing


5×7 or 6×8: $10.00/print Options of matte or glossy.
8×10: $20/print Options of matte or glossy.
8×32 Panoramic Prints: $25 Options of matte or glossy. Perfect for those large family portraits.


8×10 Frame: $50 Options of matte silver, black, or white (includes 5×7 print).
12×14 Frame: $60 Options of matte silver, black, or white (includes 8×10 print).
Digital Frame: $250 Dark wood freestanding plug-in frame with a 10″ screen. Comes with your favourite wedding photos already installed and ready to go.


Custom Silver Locket: $150
Sterling silver locket comes with your two favourite images professionally installed.

Custom Spinner Ornament: $60
Plastic spinner ornament comes with your two favourite images professionally installed and ready to hang.

Custom Welcome Sign: $200
Your favourite image with custom text professionally printed on a 22×28 light weight foam board sign. 

Custom Guest Book Sign: $200
Your favourite image professionally printed as an 8×10 image in a 16×20 frame. Extra wide boarder for signing.


16×24: $200
20×30: $225
24×36: $250


16×24: $275
20×30: $375
24×36: $550


16×24: $325
20×30: $425
24×36: $600


12×12 Photo Book: Faux Leather Cover, Satin Pages, Saddle Stitch Binding, 50 Pages – $600
10×10 Photo Book: Faux Leather Cover, Cardstock Pages, Lay Flat Binding, 25 Pages – $600
** Image selection and page layout will be at the discretion of the photographer. Adjustments can’t be made once printed.


12×8 Video Album: $300 
What do you do with your wedding video once you watch it? Watch it over and over again in this beautiful video album. Your wedding video will be available in a linen bound album, featuring a gorgeous 7″ IPS display. It has a 2500mAh rechargeable battery that lasts about 4 hours when playing videos and over 12 months on standby. You can recharge at any time using the provided micro USB cable. Your wedding highlight reel would come preinstalled ready to go.

Not booking your wedding video through me? That’s totally fine. Send me your wedding video highlight reel and I can prepare it in your album ready for pickup. The video provided must be .mp4 or .mov formatted. It can be no bigger than 4GB. The encoding of your video must be 720p (16×9 aspect ratio). 1080p, 4K, and Ultra HD won’t work. Do ask your videographer to provide your highlight reel with these specs so that I can keep your video album as authentic to their work as possible.

Purchase this item as a gift for someone who is about to get married. The video album can be paid for in advance and would be available to the couple whenever their wedding video is ready to be installed.


Diamond Pen: $35
Stylish ballpoint pen for signing your marriage license.

Clear Umbrella: $40
Clear umbrella to use in case you have rain or snow on your wedding day.

Polaroid Camera: $250
White Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera with 100 exposures.

Livestream Stand: $75
Attach your phone to this device for hands free live-streaming/recording.


Have your favourite wedding photo professionally converted into a digital painting. These are created through a combination of auto filters, digital painting, and manual refining through photoshop. A full scale image file is required in order to create these digital paintings. If you are looking to convert a portrait and would like it to actually resemble the person, their face does need to be prominent in the photo.

Digital File: $150
16×24 Canvas Print: $300