Renewal Retreat

Cottage weddings are in a league of their own. And the Renewal Retreat is no exception. There’s just something about a venue that has their wedding ceremony in the middle of the woods. They offered a series of cottages and a beautifully laid out forest reserve. Just a nice escape from the big city

This summer wedding at Renewal Retreat was particularly close to my heart as I had been working and reworking this wedding with the couple since the beginning of the pandemic. They realized a big venue wedding was just not going to work for them. So they opted for an intimate wedding in the middle of nowhere.

The day started with Heather and Jason getting ready in separate cabins with their respective bridal parties. And in true groom fashion, he was in his labour clothes right up until he had to walk down that aisle. But honestly, if I had a dog like theirs, I would avoid getting into formal attire until the very last second so I can cuddle the fur baby as long as possible.

Wedding in the Woods

The couple gave me the freedom to document their day in the way that I saw it. I always find when I get clearance for candid photography, I catch so many more emotional moments and create my best work. It’s also not hard to make everything look beautiful at Renewal Retreat. Nature was definitely a reoccurring theme throughout their day. The alter was custom built and embellished with real flowers.

The ceremony began with the bridal party making their way down a hill onto a platform landing. Easy enough, unless you’re the bride attempting the same in high heels and a wedding dress. Aside from that, the wedding went by very smoothly. I also provided my livestream services for this event. When planning a ceremony in the middle of the woods, things like power and wifi is always an issue. Which is why I brought my own for this event.

Once the ceremony completed, we did the usual round of portraits with the bridal party and couple. And eventually we disappeared into the woods for a private couple’s session. Well almost private. The dog came as well.


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