Saint Ann Catholic Church

According to Saint Ann Catholic Church,  Sacrament of Marriage takes place in a church. As opposed to the beach, park, or another place of natural beauty. The Church is a sacred place, consecrated for the purpose of offering worship to God. It’s why the people of God gather for holy occasions here. It is a graced space by its history, traditions and especially by the people whose faith grows there over the years. When the couple chooses the Church for their wedding, they are taking a step forward in faith. As a result, they invite Christ into their marriage, and into the years to come as a couple and a family.

Christian marriage is a sacrament and a sign of God’s presence in our daily lives. As such, sacramental marriage celebrates within the parish community and holds special meaning in the lives of the bride and groom. It is not just the church that’s important, but the community of believers. This is why Saint Ann Catholic Church encourages all couples to celebrate their wedding in their own parish community. As it is a community that will enrich their new marital union. It was the perfect setting for this Italian Wedding.

Brian Orser Hall

Brian Orser Hall in Penetanguishene, Ontario. It is probably better known as a sports arena for ice skating and hockey. It’s why their private rooms can handle such big parties and get-togethers. And this wedding was no exception.

In fact, it was a spiritual joining of two families. So even though the bridal party had fun and enjoyed the outdoor festivities, this was the real highlight of this wedding video. The speeches and words of wisdom from the family were heartfelt. The slideshow presentations had so many memories. And throughout the evening, you could tell the bride was getting teary-eyed. This was definitely a wedding with a soul.