Speranza Banquet Hall

Weddings at Speranza Banquet Hall are special occasions where families, friends, and loved ones share one of the biggest days of your life. Of course, you want this day to be absolutely perfect. You want your guests to share in your joy without the stress of overseeing everything to be perfect. For Krishna and Alyssa, they have been together for 25 years. They have a home, a kid, and a full life together. So this wedding celebrates their silver anniversary of being a couple and a family. And their bar of perfection for this venue was pretty high. 

This also happens to be my first time producing a full wedding video. I’ve been a photographer for years. However I am introducing wedding videos to my in-house services this summer. Most shooters in my industry start out by practicing on the small scale low pressure weddings. Similar to backyard weddings and elopements. Normally I would do the same. However the wedding planner for this event got ahold of me first. Here’s the breakdown of this multi-day wedding fusion.

Day 1 Hindu Ceremony

Let’s kick things off with a very large Hindu wedding ceremony at Chandni Convention Centre. Traditional Hindu ceremonies take about 2-3 hours. It seems extreme when you consider most civil ceremonies are only 30min.  Yet what I got, was over 4 hours long wedding ceremony. The system I have set up to capture these include 3 cameras running simultaneously and providing a multiperspective wedding video. Unfortunately after the 3rd, my cameras had it. Batteries were dying, memory cards were filling up, and I was worried about missing the finale. Luckily this event was on its own day. So I didn’t have to worry about any additional footage throughout the day.

Day 2 Western Ceremony

This was a full wedding all on its own. They had a Catholic ceremony at Islington United Church. This was one of the hottest days of the year. Even the bride had to wipe down her husband before kissing him. Our outdoor photo session was cut drastically short because of it. So most of the photos were sorted at Speranza Banquet Hall before the reception began.

To me, the highlight of this wedding were the speeches. As a photographer, speeches don’t play a big factor. The goal is simply to capture people without strange speaking expressions. However, with a video you get to relive all the stories that were said. All the parents couldn’t make it through their speech without crying. Even the couple’s daughter rocked her speech full of words of wisdom. The general consensus was, “it’s about time.” But hey, these two have already surpassed most marriages. So here’s to another 25 together.