Sprucewood Winery

This Wedding video was of an intimate ceremony at  Sprucewood Winery in Windsor. Normally I don’t travel so far for a wedding. But I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries for Windsor weddings this summer. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this event was pretty small, outdoors, and tented. Only 60 close guests were able to attend.

The grounds of this winery were absolutely beautiful. This time of year, they were in full bloom as well. And having a bride who was ok with getting her dress a little dirty, made the whole process more entertaining. The bridal party was also super helpful with organizing elements and keeping the couple laughing throughout the entire process.


The original plan was to have their ceremony outdoors along the Sprucewood Winery waterfront. Unfortunately, we got hit by rain just minutes before the ceremony was expected to start. So everything was relocated inside the venue’s main hall. Luckily by then, all the formal portraits had already been taken care of. And we were able to take the couple to the beach for some intimate portraits at sunset


The reception was very well organized and fun. The bridal party did shots for their grand entrance. There were lots of fun speeches. And granted speeches aren’t a highlight of mine when doing photos, they do play a huge part in my wedding video. The couple had a coordinated dance routine for their first dance. And they had a sparklers exit to finish off the night. Which luckily finished early, as I had a 4hr drive back home from Sprucewood Winery.