University Club of McMaster

The University Club of McMaster provides a unique and memorable venue to have a wedding reception. They have a gorgeous outdoor ceremony setup on the balcony. However, this couple’s rainy day wedding relocated everything inside the Alumni Memorial Hall. The darker ambiance of the venue was historically charming. And we had exclusive use of the entire facility for the duration of this event. In fact, the rain cleared most pedestrians outside leaving our couple to enjoy full privacy on their wedding day.

Rainy Day Wedding

It was the perfect venue, with the perfect surroundings for a perfect wedding. While most couples find rain day weddings discouraging, these two took it in stride. I pulled out some umbrellas from my car and we were off. They hired a vintage Rolls Royce in place of a limo. Consequently, this car worked well as a prop for the bride and groom to interact in. It gave the cozy feeling of a drive in movie on a rainy day.
They walked around the University Club of McMaster campus holding hands. The bride’s dress was incredibly poofy, so there was always someone on dress detail keeping it dry. When the downpour was heavy, we found shelter. Yet for the most part, we were outside enjoying the quiet rain until the campus streetlights came on.

Marchee Reception

This style of service traditionally begins with a cocktail reception of passed hors d’oeuvres and open bar. The reception hall decor was very simple and elegant. There was a lit backdrop framing the head table. The bride’s family was visiting from Scottland and sporting the traditional family tartan. In addition, the bride wore the same tartan into the bows of her wedding shoes.
After speeches, everyone proceeded upstairs for the couple’s first dance. It was held in the same room they married in. They danced to Tragically Hip’s song Long Time Running. Similarly, it was the same song from their first date and is the music behind this wedding video highlight reel.
The night finished off with a wedding cheese cake. Not cheesecake but cheese cake. As in a cake made of cheese. It seems neither the bride or groom were into sweets so this seemed like a fun alternative. That is until they had to cut the stinky cheese in front of all their loved ones. Lol.