Maninder & Jeevan Wedding Day 1 and 2

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Multi Day Wedding, Sikh Wedding, Video

Wedding Video

Normally with my wedding video highlight reels, I would have a story setting the scene. Where it happened. Who was involved. Personal highlights. Maybe even some tidbits about the couple’s love story. These are all things I would learn throughout the event. However in this case, I wasn’t there. The wedding was filmed by another videographer. A photographer I work with, Raspal Singh, utilized a new videographer to cover an event for him. But since he was new, he didn’t have much experience with the post-editing process.

Multi Day Event

This was a multi-day Sikh wedding under COVID restrictions. Day 1 was a pre-wedding Jago. The ceremony includes singing and dancing in a beautifully decorated wedding home. Jago means “wake up.” It is a pre-wedding ritual held at night before the wedding, when the relatives of the bride and groom dance and stay awake at night. The family members offer the couple blessings, gifts, food. Essentially everything they need for the actual wedding.

Day 2 was the actual wedding ceremony in a Sikh temple. The day started out with the bride and groom prep in their respective homes. They had a traditional Sikh ceremony with about 50 guests. Afterward, they headed to their home for an intimate prayer. In Punjabi tradition, the new bride must be officially welcomed into the home. They had a mini reception at which point the couple disappeared for a quick portrait session. 

So while I didn’t get to experience this wedding firsthand. I did get to enjoy all the special moments as I organized this couple’s wedding highlight reel and their full wedding video. 


My wedding video editing services are available for any couples requiring it. Even wedding videographers starting out in the industry. The amount of video footage you capture in an event like this can be daunting. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, I would love to help.