Willodell Golf Club

This was my first time capturing a wedding at Willodell Golf Club. The location they had set up was perfect for intimate weddings. In addition the venue had an epic sweets table their friend/decorator spent numerous hours working on. The key part of this setup was a balloon arch that surrounded this three table arrangement. They had blankets as party favours and light up centerpieces. Hence you could hear people comment about the DIY’s as people started to slowly trickle into the venue.

Highlighting the ceremony were beautifully customized vows by the bride and groom. Consequently they are often my favorite party of the entire wedding video and they do get incorporated into the featured highlight reel. They had a wine tasting and ring exchange. However, through the entire ceremony you could tell the bride and groom were giddy and just wanted to kiss each other.

Winter Wedding

Golf course venues like Willodell Golf Club are great for wedding portrait sessions. Because they have wide open spaces with minimal people roaming around in the background. Traditionally with golf course weddings, you would borrow a few golf carts and take a tour of the grounds. However it’s a bit different with winter weddings. The lack of trees makes things windy. And driving around on a goft cart can get cold quickly. This wedding was no exception. When I photograph winter weddings, I make a point of photoshopping out the cold to the best of my ability. Reducing goose bumps and toning down red ears/noses. However with video, that’s not really possible. There’s no way of removiing the shivering and teeth chattering. The general theme was squeezing together for warmth. I personally couldn’t feel my fingers after about five minutes. I don’t know how the bride survived with a strapless dress.

Evening Reception

During the evening, speeches and performances brought tears and laughter. The couple’s friends and family were talented in the speech department. The first dance was intended to be a simple sway side to side. However they both surprised me with a impromptu dance routine of twirls and spins. Same with a little wip cream shmeer from the cake cutting. Its why I started filming weddings with two cameras just in case. You never know when these surprises will pop up.